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Mustapha B. Mugisa

So many youth out there are obsessed about the Internet. They are missing Church as they 'update their social network statuses.' My mission is to bring the Church to the youth by giving a website to every Church. Under my Mustapha Mugisa Foundation, I teach the youth in life skills free of charge. Join us and gain free life chaning skills, contact us today. What to get side income? What to be a winner? Join us today and unleash your potential.   

I must admit that I was once a victim of folks who spread the gospel of perfectionism and no grammar mistakes.

Youhave probably met those ‘experts’ who advised against applying for a job for which you lacked a small specified requirement or they made you re-edit your CV several times that you even missed the deadline! You are not alone.

How are you using the Internet to grow your career and or business?

According to Wikipedia, global Internet penetration is on the rise. In 2005, a total of 1.04 billion people were using the Internet out of the total global population of 6.5billion. In 2013, about 2.769 billion people were using the Internet out of the total global population of 7.1 billion. That is 39.4% Internet users of the global population. Most importantly, there is an exponential growth in the use of Internet globally.

As prices for smart phones and other mobile gadgets reduce due improvements in technology, more and more people are connecting to the Internet.

The recent MTN Business training sponsored by MTN Uganda for entrepreneurs in Eastern Uganda was a huge success. The training attracted 152 entrepreneurs way beyond the intended 100 – indicating too much desire for knowledge by the business community in Eastern Uganda.

The one day training covered critical topics of internal controls, cash flow management, value creation and preservation, taxation and using the Internet to grow your business. It took place at Mbale Resort Hotel.  During his closing remarks, Mazen Mroue, the MTN U top honcho explained the following three insights for your success in career and business:

Successful at home

“If you cannot manage your home, it is difficult to manage your work.” It is easier to be successful at work if you are already successful at your home. Are you happy at home? Are you happy with your wife and children (if you have any)? Are you in good terms with your siblings and parents and neighbors? Great performers are happy. By far, being happy at home is a pre-requisite for your career success. 


Want to success in your career and business? Be ethical. Your business partners and customers want to deal with someone they can trust. If your colleagues and or business partners cannot trust you, it is difficult to do business with you. Are you fraudulent? If someone gives you credit will you pay back? If I entrust you with some responsibilities will I have peace of mind that you will deliver? No one wants to work with someone who is not trust worth and indeed the foundation for your career and business success is being trustworthy.

If you cannot be trusted, you won’t be given opportunities for more responsibilities and career success.


You must prepare your minds and understand that career and business success takes time. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that you will make it overnight. It takes hard work, resilience and patience to get ahead. “As CEO, I have noted that the most mistake many young professionals make it to expect magic in their career success in terms of promotions and income.” With such a mindset, someone is not stable and therefore fail to gain critical skills on their job as they tend to change or move from one company to another quickly. At the end of the day, you lack the critical skills and experience needed to position you for success in future.

True and sustainable success in any career or business takes time. Quick wins and success is good but might not be sustainable. Learn to be patience and persevere.

That was a power message. So, remember to be happy at your home, be ethical and patient.

If you are in Kampala, complete this form here and grab this opportunity of a lifetime. MTN Business training is always special. You will get practical insights to readily implement in growing your business. Feel free to visit this site to be updated of upcoming events.

The MTN Business training was facilitated by Summit Consulting Ltd team. 

Are you financially independent? Do you have enough money to cover your basic needs and have some to save for the old age?

You need money to buy your needs and wants. You cannot be happy and achieve peak performance unless you afford to buy your basic needs.

How do you ensure you are financially stable to have peace of mind?

  • Have a clear financial strategy
  • Be a master of your own life. Write down what it is you want to achieve in in line with your guiding values or personal credo. Set your own agenda and work consistently towards your target in line with your values.

If you lack clarity about your definition of success, how will you know when you make it?

Let’s set the record straight – you must invest money in order to succeed. Your choice of business and entrepreneurial acumen will determine your profitability and future success.

Every business has its own shortcomings and limitations. You must do homework to ascertain the impediments to your business. Is it capital or markets? Assuming you had Ugx. 5m in your bank account, which business would you invest in?

There are many businesses you might consider investing in– stocks, treasury bills, real estate, mobile money agency, eatery, consulting outfit or farming. Your choice must be influenced by your availability, capital requirements and the initial marketing involved.

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