30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Theme: The two great commandments 

God loves each one of us, deserving and undeserving. He wants us not only to love him in return but also to love one another. 

Today we have the summary of the whole teaching of the Bible.

The only real failure for a Christian is the failure to love that is why Jesus Christ came into this world to teach us how to love our heavenly Father with all our heart an all our soul. 

 In Exodus 22: 20-16. God tells the Israelites that there must be no exploitation or discrimination against the weak members of society. We cannot say we love God when we are exploiting people.

In St. Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians chapter 1: 5-10. Paul tells the Thessalonians that their exemplary lives have become known far and wide. We are called to live exemplary lives

In the Gospel according to Mathew chapter 22: 34-40 Jesus tells us that the whole of religion can be summed up in two Commandments of love.

Today's Gospel talks about the two Great Commandments and states that they must not be separated.  I cannot say that I love God yet hate someone or I love people but care less about my relationship with God.

In Mathew 25: 31 -46. Jesus speaks of the parallel of the relationship between God and neighbour.  When we visit the sick, feed the hungry, welcome the homeless, visit the sick, visit the prisoners, we do it for Christ. He identifies the relationship we have with Himself.  He tells us that everything we experience in dealing with our neighbour takes place at the same time between God and ourselves.  

If we want to know how we stand with Jesus Christ, we can learn it from our human relationships. 

We treat God the same way we treat other human beings.  If we reject our neighbour, we also reject God and so also ourselves. If we do not love ourselves, we cannot love God who gives us life. If we do not love ourselves, from where would we get our love for neighbour?

Christ showed us how to live the total Gospel, that is how to love God and love our neighbour as well. He is our model.

Jesus Christ summed up all the law in two Commandments that we should love God and love one another.  He lived these two Commandments to the full. May He help us to follow His example to teach us how to love others and so to prove our love for Him and our Heavenly Father 

May He always help us to remember that to love is to pray and serve. This leads to holiness and perfection in life.


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