Guided by the Holy Spirit

The Spirit of God that was present to turn chaos into order during creation continues to guide God’s creation to its fulfilment. In the book of Genesis we hear that in the beginning everything was a total disorder but the Spirit of Yahweh hovered over the masses (Gen 1, 1), and thus, something beautiful (cosmos) came out God’s creative action.

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At the beginning of the lockdown, we were told to go and stay home. Imagine of people who are homeless, where did they go? Where are they staying now especially with the heavy rains these days? Without a home and family where we belong and feel loved and accepted, life becomes meaningless and empty. This is the reason why Jesus is assuring all of us a home namely the Fathers house, very well prepared by Him. He knows the importance of the person having a place where he/she calls home not only for a specified period of time but forever.

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The Spirit Of Truth Amidst Uncertainty

Readings: Acts 8, 5-8.14-17; Ps 66, 1-3.4-5.6-7a.16.20; 1 Pt 3,15-18; John 14,15-21

The word of God for us on the 6th Sunday of Easter invites us to reflect on Jesus’ concern for those He left in the world. Thus, we contemplate Jesus’ concern for us who are in the world with all its challenges. It is important to note that the followers of Christ are in the world and form part of it, but they are not of the world (see John 17, 13-17). Christians do not conform to the spirit, values and ideologies of the world. They live according to the values of Christ because they have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

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The Shepherd and shepherds

The fourth Sunday of Easter draws our attention to Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd. This Sunday is also called “Vocation Sunday” because it is a day of special prayer for all those who are called to be “shepherds” in the Church. We must acknowledge that there is only one Shepherd and all the others participate in His mission of being shepherds in order to open up the access to the pastures of life that he Good Shepherd gives.

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