Theme: Do this in memory of me

My brothers and sisters in Christ, in order to prepare ourselves to commemorate the glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Day, today, we are celebrating Holy Thursday. This Feast solemnly commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist, reconciliation of penitents, the consecration of the holy oils, the washing of the feet, commemoration of the Blessed Eucharist and Institution of Ministerial Priesthood. Holy Thursday is the night on which our Lord Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples. What went through their mind on that night, we will never know. What we do know is that Jesus knew that His hour had come.

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Passion and compassion

With the celebration of the Palm Sunday also known as the Passion Sunday, we come closer to the climax of the redemptive action of God.  The triumphant  entry of Jesus into Jerusalem invites us to enter with him and be part of the divine action taking place. This is the moment the disciples of Jesus must have enjoyed most since they were all full of expectations from Him, the Messiah. Perhaps they thought that their discipleship was going to be crowned with positions (see Mk 10, 35-45).

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Jesus gives sight and insight

Dear brothers and sisters!

The 4th Sunday of Lent (also known as Laetare =Rejoice since Easter is near) invites us to reflect on our identity as Children of Light. We ought to bear in mind that this light is a given one. The ability to see is a very precious gift. Lack of physical sight compromises the quality of life. A person who was born blind has nothing in one’s  experience which one can imagine seeing.

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Whereas last Sunday we encountered Jesus giving sight to the man who was born blind, on this 5th Sunday of Lent we encounter Him giving life to a dead man. In order not to be mere observers but participants in what God is doing, we ought to note that both the blind man that received sight and the dead man (Lazarus) that received life are our representatives. We encounter Jesus, the Lord of Life and ask Him to raise us to life.
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Theme: Come to Jesus the living water

Fresh potable water is a necessity of life which most of us here in Church today take for granted. Water is reachable at the kitchen sink, in a cooler; it is also available in different flavors and at various prices for more sophisticated and palates. For many people of our generation, water has become desacralized although the need for water has not changed but only conquered.

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