Theme: Those walking in darkness have seen a great light.

Apart from those who live in the polar regions of our planet Earth, most peoples experience day and night on a daily basis. In addition to the routine occurrences of sunrise and sunset, there are other experiences of light and darkness which assist us to understand today’s scripture readings presented in rear  eclipses of the sun and moon which misconstrued fear among the people of old due to abrupt unexpected general darkness over the earth. Before these phenomena were understood by scientists, eclipses were regarded as portents of evil interpreted as Earth in crisis. Survivors of wars narrate dreaded blackouts whereby all was darkened preventing the enemy from detecting targets for their attack. For the Hebrews, this was only done by the power of God because He is able to render surprises.

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Theme: Called, consecrated and commissioned

I was invited by friends to participate in the baptism of their newborn baby. As I watched and listened, the celebrant asked the traditional questions of the baptismal rite. . . Who presents this child for baptism? What do you ask God for your child? What name have you chosen for your child? Naturally, the baby, only weeks old, was unresponsive, except for a little crying and gurgling, but parents and God-parents responded to the questions for him. It is a duty as a family of God to continue to be responsive and responsible for faith we have inherited all through life.

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Theme:  Universal salvation

In life never to be silent when human beings are enduring suffering and humiliation. There is so much to be done; there is so much that even one person can do. With the feast of Epiphany we are invited to be that one person who can do something, however small it may appear to dispel darkness that enshrouds others. In today’s first reading, Prophet Isaiah describes the chasing away of Israel’s night in terms of a great parade of nations coming to bask in the light of Jerusalem, made glorious and luminous by the salvific presence of God.

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Theme: Christ is the anointed

Each year, Mother Church reminds us of the baptism of Jesus granting us an opportunity for remembering and celebrating our own baptisms in Jesus’ name. In the process of rethinking the importance and significance of this sacrament we ought to keep in mind that Baptism is not a final goal, but the beginning of a lifelong process of becoming one, with Christ, in Christ and for Christ.

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Theme: Be at peace

Violence and peace are at the origin of two opposite ways to building society. The proliferation of hotbeds of violence produces most serious negative social consequences. The Holy Father sums up this situation in the expression: ‘A third world war in pieces’. Peace, by contrast, promotes social good consequences and allows progress. We should act within what is possible and negotiate ways of peace even where they seem tortuous and impractical

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