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United World Week 2020: #InTime For Peace

Written by Focolare community
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1 May 2020 - 7 May 2020   |   Streaming Online

What is the United World Week? (UWW)

From 1 to 7 May each year, the United World Week is an opportunity to highlight what is already being done on the planet to build a more united and fraternal world.

Have you ever thought about organizing a United World Week (UWW) event in your city?


The UWW was established in 1995, it is promoted by the Focolare Movement in collaboration with other groups, movements, associations, as well as local, national, and international institutions that have Universal Brotherhood at heart.

Pathways for a United World

The United World Week is also an important element of the 6-year journey proposed by the Pathways for a United World. In fact, the title of the UWW 2020 is “IN TIME FOR PEACE” in reference to this year’s pathway (2019/2020) that is focused on the issues of Human Rights, Peace, Legality, and Justice.

How can you participate?

Look at your city, your country. Start from the challenges of your region and promote debates, events, actions, or concrete projects that can:

  1. Inspire a new generation of peacemakers;
  2. Recognize and promote Human Rights;
  3. Promote the practice of legality against all forms of corruption;
  4. Ensuring better access to Justice and defending the dignity of every person’s life.

UWW 2020 Kit

To help you, we created a kit, downloadable here: KIT United World Week 2020_ENG. Inside, you will find some general information, directions for Communication, and the “Pathway of Human Rights, Peace, Legality, and Justice” manifesto.

So that actions taken locally can reinforce each other in telling the world that we are still “IN TIME FOR PEACE” we invite you to share them on social media, following the directions you will find in the KIT.UWW

What are we doing locally in Uganda?

During this time of lockdown due to covid- 19

The youth together with all the other Focolare members in the country are engaging in different activities that are possible in order to live unity. It is time to put our creativity in action to explore all ways of loving our neighbors. In sharing goods, encouraging, giving an idea, praying, drawing, poem or song composition…and many other ways. Then all the activities we do is an experience which we can shared with our friends, in this way we reinforce each other and testify to the world that unity is possible!

We are honored to share with you our dear parishioners this opportunity to continue living together as a family our Christian life. We thank you for dedicating this time to be with us.

We continue to in the joy of the risen Lord in our Midst.

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What is the focolare movement?

The Focolare Movement is one of the ecclesial movement in the Catholic Church. It has the features of a large and varied family, of a “new people born of the Gospel”, as Chiara Lubich, its founder, defined it.  It is a movement of spiritual and social renewal, founded in Trent, Italy, in 1943, during the Second World War. The Focolare Movement, officially known as the Work of Mary, was approved by the Catholic Church in 1962. It is now present in 182 nations and more than 2 million people share closely in its life and work.

It aims at spreading the message of unity worldwide. Inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “May they all be one” (Jn 17:21), its goal is to promote brotherhood and to achieve a more united world in which people respect and value diversity. To achieve this goal, people of the Movement engage in various forms of dialogue and are committed to building bridges of fraternal relationships among individuals, between cultural groups and in every area of society.

Members of the Movement include Christians of different Churches and ecclesial communities, members of the major world religions and people of no particular religious belief. Each one adheres to the Movement’s goal and spirit, while faithfully following the precepts of their own faith and conscience. At the heart of the movement are small communities of men and women who consecrate their lives to God with vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and live in separate households called “focolares”, from the Italian word for “hearth”. Married people are also members of these communities, while remaining in their families and being faithful to their commitment to marriage. They too make the same radical choice of the Gospel and offer their lives to bring unity in the world.

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