Theme: God bless and keep us

In many countries around the world families gather to receive blessings of the new year from God and from each other. All ages want to begin the New Year under protection and grace from above. In a similar way; we are invited today to come together so that we can be blessed. This blessing installs us with love, hope and faith so that we can have life in its fullness.

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Theme: Today a Saviour has been born to you

Christmas is finally here. All the four weeks of Advent we have been waiting and praying for His coming and now Christmas is here. Today the angels bring the good news of great joy, for to us is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord. But how do I personally enter into this ‘great joy’ as Christmas rings out joy to the world and make it my own? This is the question at hand. Even though God has declared joy to the whole world, there are still many among us who do not know how to claim and make it their own.

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Theme: Light of Day

Today, the Christians world over celebrate a mother and the Son to whom she has given birth. This unique baby is the messiah, Jesus Christ in whom God has come to dwell among us. Through him all darkness that had previously threatened to overwhelm humankind is now on notice.  Light has come to birth, the strong hold of night has been broken.

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Nothing is impossible for God

Readings: 2 Sam 7,1-5.8b-12.14a.16; Ps 89,2-3,4-5.27; Rom16,25-27; Lk 1,26-38.

The Word of God for the 4th Sunday of Advent invites us to contemplate what the nativity of the Lord brings us. It is God to build up our lives. He reveals to us Christ as His eternal design for the world. He counts on the cooperation of the humans in order to realize His plan of salvation. If we let him into our lives, then He is truly Immanuel: “God with us!” Indeed great things happen when God mixes with man!

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