Readings: Deuteronomy 6:2-6, Psalm 18:2-3a,3-4,47,51, Hebrews 7:23-28, Mark 12:28-34

The first commandment is this, listen Israel

When God made a covenant with the Israelites and gave them the ten commandments to them through Moses, he entered into a relationship with His people. He became for them a God who is close and who spoke to them. Many times, as he spoke to them and gave them life instructions, he invited them to listen (Cf Deut 6:4). This the invitation to listen became like the opening phrase of his discourse to his people.

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“We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20)

Readings: Jer 31,7-9; Ps 126,1-2ab.2cd-3.4-5.6; Heb 5,1-6; Mk 10,46-52

Today, on the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B, we celebrate the World Mission Sunday. The theme suggested to us is: „We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard“(Acts 4,20). That was the conviction of the Apostles after their encounter with the Risen Lord. Our experience of God makes it possible that we receive sight and moves us to share the godly insights received with others, so as to enable them have „access“ to God. We, thus, share what we have seen God do in our lives.

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Suitable companions

Readings: Gen 2, 18-24; Ps 128, 1-2.3. 4-5.6; Heb 2, 9-11; Mk 10, 2-16

Human life is possible only in life-giving relationships. This is the heart of the message that the word of God gives us on the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time B. The suitable relationships of love and faith are joined by God to be channels of love in the world.

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Readings: Isaiah 53:10-11, Psalm 33:4-5,18-19-20,22, Hebrews 4:14-16, Mark 10:35-45

Glorification as a fruit of suffering and death

Even after responding the call to follow Jesus, it is still very easy to lose track and begin to have a totally different mentality. The men Jesus called, the two sons of Zebedee who on being called abandoned their nets and their father and followed promptly without hesitation or doubt, today reveal the hidden agenda behind their prompt response to Jesus.

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Readings: Numbers11:25-29, Psalm 19:8,10,12-13,14, James 5:1-6, Mark 9:38-43.45.47-48                                 

God’s power is beyond our tendencies, we cannot limit it

Today’s gospel starts with the disciple John recounting to Jesus how they saw one who was not part of the apostles driving out devils in the name of Jesus and how they tried to stop him because he was not part of the “approved apostles”.

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