At the beginning of the lockdown, we were told to go and stay home. Imagine of people who are homeless, where did they go? Where are they staying now especially with the heavy rains these days? Without a home and family where we belong and feel loved and accepted, life becomes meaningless and empty. This is the reason why Jesus is assuring all of us a home namely the Fathers house, very well prepared by Him. He knows the importance of the person having a place where he/she calls home not only for a specified period of time but forever.

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The Shepherd and shepherds

The fourth Sunday of Easter draws our attention to Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd. This Sunday is also called “Vocation Sunday” because it is a day of special prayer for all those who are called to be “shepherds” in the Church. We must acknowledge that there is only one Shepherd and all the others participate in His mission of being shepherds in order to open up the access to the pastures of life that he Good Shepherd gives.

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The mercy of God re-creates

Today we celebrate the second Sunday of Easter also known as Sunday of the Divine Mercy. In his writing to launch the extraordinary jubilee year of mercy, misericordiae vultus, Pope Francis invited us to contemplate the mystery of God’s mercy: “It is a wellspring of joy, serenity, and peace. Our salvation depends on it. Mercy: the word reveals the very mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Mercy: the ultimate and supreme act by which God comes to meet us. Mercy: the fundamental law that dwells in the heart of every person who looks sincerely into the eyes of his brothers and sisters on the path of life.

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Around the table of the Word and the table of the Eucharist

The word of God for the Third Sunday of Easter presents to us the journey of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. This journey reveals to us how the Risen Lord never abandoned his friends who were buried in total disappointment after his crucifixion in Jerusalem. If we carefully make the journey of the disciples, we shall notice the basic structure of what happens whenever we gather together for the Eucharist. The Risen Lord encounters us in the two tables of the Word and Eucharist.

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Theme: Good news today

Since Ash Wednesday, today we climax into the joy of Easter Sunday. The Holy Bible narrates that after His crucifixion and his hasty burial; members of the Sanhedrin received shocking news that the itinerant teacher and healer was alive and his tomb had been found empty, while others were spreading news that  Jesus had appeared and talked  to them.

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