Solemnity of Christ our King

The solemnity of Christ our King, which we celebrate today, brings to an end of the Church's liturgical year.  When we think of a King, we think of someone who lords it over his people. But Christ is not like that.  He came to serve not to be served.  He calls us to follow Him and forgive one another. 

1st reading,  Ezekiel 34: 11-12. 15-17. God is portrayed,  not so much as a judge of his people,  but as someone who cares for them as a Good Shepherd cares for his sheep.

2nd reading ( 1 Cor 15, 20- 26.28) At the end of the world, Christ will reign as universal King, having overcome all hostile forces including death.

Gospel ( Mathew 25: 31-46)

This contains Mathew's great scene of the last judgment 

People's basic material needs have to be taken care of before any kind of higher life is possible.  Christ said that His followers would be judged on their response to those needs. But today in many countries these needs, by and large,  have been taken care of. However,  there some countries where people lack the basic needs of life.  For those who have already satisfied the basic needs of life, the Bible teaches that we don't live on bread alone, that is, on material things alone. We have many needs.

Mother Theresa says that the biggest disease in the world today is not leprosy, TB, or other diseases but the feeling of being unwanted and uncared for.

The greatest evil in the world is lack of love.

The poor, thirsty, strangers,  naked, prisoners,  homeless,  the hungry need even more than food,  clothes, and shelter.  They need to be LOVED.

There are so many kinds of things we could do for one another if we were a little more aware and sensitive. It is not a question of giving things. Rather it is a question of giving ourselves,  of our time, our energy, and our love. Those who love, do so without show and without expecting any reward.  We are serving Christ and helping to build his Kingdom when we love others sincerely,  in a simple but practical way.

Would it not be terrible to have to appear before Christ never having loved? Today's Gospel is so important and central that if we were to forget everything else and remember and practice only this,  we would be OK: For a Christian, there is only one failure, one sin and that is not to love.

When we die we shall be examined on love.

Hell is the suffering of one who can no longer love.

A story is told of a man who saw a boy standing on Kampala Road,  he was shivering with the cold and starving for food. The man got angry and said to God why don't you help this boy you created? God replied I helped this boy by creating you to help him  " As long as you did it to one of these, you did it to me" this is the heart of the message of Jesus Christ. This is the heart of God.

May God help us to put our love for  one another into practice

Fr. Mubangizi JohnBosco 

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