Most of us live very busy lives. We devote very little time to prayer and reflection on our lives. The result is that many of us live restless and spiritually poor lives. Today's Gospel shows how in the midst of his most pressing work, Jesus took time out to pray and to restore his energies.  We need the same.

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A new teaching with authority

Readings: Deut 18, 15-20; Ps 95, 1-2.6-7.7-9; 1 Cor 7, 32-35; Mk 1,21b-28

The Word of God for us on the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time invites us to give our undivided attention to Christ the teacher and prophet. He has a new teaching which evokes new life in the listeners. It leaves a deep impression on the hearts and it transforms them.

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Theme: " The Bringer of Good News"

Every time we pick up a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV, we are confronted with bad news, much of it of a very distressing nature. It leaves us numb and helpless. We are in real danger of being swamped by bad news.

Christ came with good news- the good news of the Father's love, acceptance, and forgiveness which is offered free to all those who desire it and seek it.

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Theme: Fundamental choices.

It is surprising that we celebrate birthdays and other events like anniversaries very well but never celebrate our baptisms. How strange that Christians pay so little attention to their real birthday.  In today's liturgy we celebrate the baptism of Christ. In celebrating His baptism, we celebrate our baptism too and renew its grace within us.

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