Lose life in order to win it in Christ

Readings: Jer 20,7-9; Ps 63,2.3-; Rom 12,1-2; Mt 16, 21-27

The 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time A invites us to reflect about discipleship as a journey that entails self-denial and carrying of one’s own cross in order to follow Jesus. On this journey the disciple acquires a new mentality which is able to see losses as gains. Let us allow ourselves be attracted to Jesus and to His way!

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Peter’s Keys

Readings: Is 22, 19-23; Ps 138, 1-21.2bcd.3.6.8bc; Rm 11, 33-36; Mt 16, 13-20

The 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time A invites us to deepen our understanding of the foundation of the Church. Christ, the Lord willed to build it on a human rock which He Himself continues to sustain. Peter has authority and mission entrusted to him by Christ. Faith in Christ is the real rock on which the Church stands.

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“Do whatever He tells you!” (John 2, 5)

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ! The Peace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!

I have very fond memories of the successful celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of our parish last year. The theme that accompanied us during last year was: “Journeying with Christ”. I am very sure that we have continued to journey with Him. This year’s Parish Day falls in a time when we cannot all gather as a parish community. The covid-19 pandemic has, in a way, scattered us. However, I strongly believe that we are spiritually united with one another.

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Human misery moves the Lord to compassion

Readings:  Is 55, 1-3; Ps 145, 8-9.15-16.17-18; Rm 8, 35.37-39; Mt 14, 13-21

The word of God on the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time A invites us to encounter the Lord who satisfies our hunger. He is aware of our misery. Only He can satisfy. All our attempts to find satisfaction are just temporal. We are invited to believe in the bounty of God and be ready to share so that all may have enough.

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