Transformed witnesses

Readings: Acts 3, 13-15.17-19ab; Ps 4,; 1 Jn 2, 1-5a; Lk 24, 35-48

The word of God for us on the third Sunday of Easter invites us to receive a new perspective through which we are to understand the Scriptures as a single journey that God makes with humanity. The Scriptures are a witness to who God is, what God does and who the humans are. Credible witnesses must be transformed if they are to pass on a message that will transform others.

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The Triumph of Mercy

Readings: Acts 4, 32-35; Ps 118,2-4.13-15,22-24; 1Jn 5,1-6; Jn 20,19-31

The Word of God on Divine Mercy Sunday presents to us the good news that the resurrection is the triumph of mercy. We all ought to make a personal experience that God loves the sinners. When we are sent into the world, we are called to be agents of mercy in the often merciless circumstances. Mercy heals the wounds of the world.

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The hour for the new covenant has come

Readings: Jer 31, 31-34; Ps 51, 3-4.12-13.14-15; Heb 5, 7-9; Jn 12, 20-33

The word of God on the 5th Sunday of Lent invites us to contemplate that moment in which God wants to seal the new covenant with His people. Jesus refers to this moment as “the hour” of glorification. When He is lifted up on the Cross, Jesus draws all to Himself. The new covenant demands of us new heart, and thus new life styles.

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Followers not Fans

Readings: Mk 11, 1-10; Is 50,4-7; Ps 22, 8-9.17-18.19-20.23-24; Ph 2, 6-11; Mk 14,1-15,47

The Word of God for us on Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday invites us to check ourselves and find out whether we are mere fans or true disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ solemn entry into Jerusalem is greeted with “hosanna” which is a cry to the Savior: “Come and save us!” There is namely a lot to be healed in us all. Open wide the gates (of the heart) and let the King of Glory enter! (Ps 24,19)

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God’s Plan for a world so loved

Readings: 2 Chr 36, 14.16.19-23; Ps 137, 1-2.3.4-5.6; Eph 2, 4-10; Jn 3, 14-21

The fourth Sunday of Lent is known as the Laetare Sunday because it is an invitation to rejoice that the celebration of Christ’s victory at Easter is approaching. The austere journey of self-denial and abstinence is leading us to the joy of the paschal mysteries. This joy is a founded one because it is rooted in God’s Plan of love for the world.

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